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Member Duties

Seabrook Sailing Club is a member run club, this means we all help to run and maintain the facilities and organize the activities we put on.  

1. This keeps our costs down 

2. This enables us to all put back into the club at whatever we do best.  
To get this work done members are organized into committees run by an elected governor for that committee.  Committee assignments require 4 duties through the course of the year, if you join mid way through the year then these are pro rated.  For a better explanation of how our committees work see below:
We have around 10-15 people on grounds committee, the bulk of the work involves keeping the grass cut and strimmed, with occassional maintenance work.
10-15 people on Piers and Harbors committee maintain and upgrade the decked launching area in front of the clubhouse and the piers themselves. A constant task of renewal.
Race committee run the 4 Spring; 4 Summer; and 4 Fall Racedays listed here.  We also host the Summer Solstice and the Galveston Bay Fall Dinghyfest.  In 2018, there will be two intra-club team races (3 boats vs 3 boats) in Lasers and Sunfish.  The members usually work on the RC boat or Markset boats, but some do specialized duties, like maintain the whalers, score results, and provide miscellaneous shore support.
The House committee of around 10-15 ensure the clubhouse is maintained, secure and peform any modifications necessary.
5 people on Regatta committee organize our two regattas (Summer solstice and Endless Summer) including working on the day for registrations, etc.
Our Social committee of up to 10 people organize our parties throughout the year - 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Commodores Ball and all the other catering such as for work parties, Fajita and Margarita, etc.
Youth committee (around 10 people) runs the youth sailing program and also this year the sail and social day.
We have learn to sail and windsurf committees that provide lessons and mentoring for beginner and intermediate sailors and windsurfers.
There are also other specific individual roles such as maintaining the rescue boats, stocking the fridges with drinks, etc.
If there is a no show there will be a fine of $125 against the members account.  The reason for this is that there is always the ability to opt out of duties for $750/year and a difficult job of organizing a committee is made that much harder by no shows.  If you cannot make an allotted duty, simply inform the committee governor who can rearrange a task for a later date.