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Interested in joining Seabrook Sailing Club?

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Seabrook Sailing Club welcomes new, active members to participate in our sailing and social activities. Our club’s success and close knit camaraderie results from being run and maintained entirely by our members. A membership entitles a whole family to use of the club.

To become a Seabrook Sailing Club member:

1. Fill out the application form below

2. Bring check for $477.50 (initiation fee, 1st month of dues, key deposit and sales tax) to a SSC Board Meeting the second Saturday of each month at 9:00am.  (Please call or e-mail Vice Commodore so we know you're coming.)

3. Meet the Board of Governors

4. Join the fun!


SSC Costs (not including 8.25% sales tax):

One time Family membership joining Fee (incl. all children under 21 or under 23 if in full-time education): $350

One time Junior membership joining fee (18-23yrs): $50

One time Key Deposit: $10

Monthly Club Dues: $81.11

Monthly Boat Storage on Club Grounds: 7' beam or over (e.g. catamaran) $45; Mausoleum (locked, suitable for sunfish, opti or windsurfers) $40; Regular boat space (e.g. Laser, V15) $35; Rack space (suitable for Sunfish) $25; Mast/sail spot nc; Crypt space $25

Want more information about SSC or to come down and have a look around? Contact the Vice Commodore at

** Help us process your membership application.  Before pressing the "send" button, print the completed form to a PDF file and email to Thanks.  For help, contact  **

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Do you require an oversized ground spot (over 7' beam - $45/mo) - how many?
Do require a mausoleum (enclosed storage - $40/mo) space - max one per member.
Do you require a regular ground spot at SSC? (less than 7' beam - $35/mo) - how many? Ground spots are $35/month for regular boats and $45/month for catamarans
Do you require a rack space (suitable for Sunfish - $25/mo) - how many?
Do you require a small locker (suitable for sails, foils, windsurfer - $25/mo) - how many?
Do you require sail storage ($nc/mo) - how many?
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